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Awnings offer endless possibilities for enhancing a building’s beauty while adding functionality for customers and employees. The increased exposure from awnings and canopies as an architectural detail not only greatly increases the visibility and storefront appeal of any business, but also provides rain and sun protection, which decreases utility costs.

Our commercial customers regularly tell us how our awnings have improved their businesses, while simultaneously enhancing the comfort of their customers. Whether it be a simple entrance awning or an enclosed patio terrace for creating the ideal dining experience, an awning from our company can help transform your business.

The Cheyne Awning Company can build a number of different types of awnings for your business, including entrance canopies, swimming pool cabanas, window awnings, shade structures and retractable awnings. We offer creative designs to help your business create its own personal identity. To further assist in establishing your unique appeal, our company also offers a large array of identity graphics, including awning signage, window decals, signs, banners, and auto lettering. See Graphics for more details.  

We, at the Cheyne Awning Company, know that a commercial awning or canopy is an important, multi-year investment for any New England business. With this in mind, we use the best materials on the market to ensure quality and durability. Through our annual maintenance program, the Cheyne Awning Company can assist you with regular cleaning, waterproofing, and stain protection of your fabric awnings.

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