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An awning from the Cheyne Awning Company can provide your home with exceptional style and appeal. Keeping heat out of certain areas of your home can be very important. Installing awnings can lower temperatures inside your home by 20% on a hot summer day, while at the same time, protect your interior furniture from fading due to direct sunlight. Patio and deck awnings offer additional space in the summer months and create great a environment for entertaining guests. 


The Cheyne Awning Company provides an annual maintenance program that includes, put ups and take downs, cleaning, and repair services to ensure you are able to enjoy the benefits of your residential awning year after year. 


OUR WARRANTY: All awning framework comes with a 5 year warranty against welds, breakage, anchoring and workmanship. All fabrics come with a 3 to 10 year warranty against rot, stitching, undue fading and workmanship.

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